Sexy Celebrity Sirens: The Classic White Bikini

Sweet Memories

The bikini evokes beautiful images of sunsets, stretches of white sand and the warmth beneath your feet!  Wow.  From beauty to the beach, luxury swimwear meets the serenity of water.   The classic white bikini has been linked to romance in far away lands.  It has been captured by celebrities in vacation hotspots and movies.  It has made an appearance with the black and white films and destinations like Italy, France and even Morocco.


The allure of designer swimwear is found in the many celebrities who choose it for the uniqueness and seductive power it provides.  Bravo for the classic white bikini of the world; every beach should be full of them.



Leading ladies like Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor chose the sensuous color of their luxury swimwear to be graced with the shades of white.  We popular know both ladies to have worn one-piece swimsuits but they also revel moments where they delved into the seductive power of their one-piece bathing suits.  Ms. Monroe opts for a more bandeau style bikini while Ms. Taylor went for a her signature monokini style one piece.

If you choose to have the power of white, enhanced with detail, then Sweet Memories is a sexy bikini to look for. features a sliding triangle top with a gorgeous four rowed nickel chain detail that sits comfortably around the back of the neck.  The low-rise Brazilian hipster bottoms will give you that modern look along with that long torso to display your sexy mid riff.

When Marilyn Monroe first appeared in her sizzling two piece, she was the talk of Hollywood.  It goes to prove that with the right bathing suit, you get noticed.  You can enhance your confidence by looking to your favorite celebrities and choosing styles that will enhance what you want enhanced.


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